This is just the beginning.

I met the love of my life and the man of my wildest dreams a little over eleven months ago.  On December 8th 2011 my love "G" asked me to be his wife! Of course I said YES.

We have decided to make this blog into a way of communicating and documenting the testimonies of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in our lives.  ENJOY.  :)

Snatchin your people up!

Ok so pretty much I have not written in a while because countless times I have tried to think of how I could possibly put into words the AMAZING things that God is doing in my presence right now! While I am still not quite sure if I can even scratch the surface of God's working with my words ... I am going to try... with the hope that you may also be encouraged.

Pretty much it all started Superbowl Sunday .....
an amazing friend of mine called me and expressed an interest in learning more about God. Now let me just say that this girl (who i will now refer to as N) is one of the most beautiful and sweet spirited women to walk the planet. OK so ... take the most beautiful and amazing person and place the Holy Spirit in them ... AHHH! Yeah that is how I felt!  So pretty much God had just placed himself on her heart! (Ecc 3:11 in real life) Nobody sat her down and tried to "save" her! The amazing Lord just pursued her and made himself known to her all on his own, and one of the coolest things is ... I got to watch Him do it ! So on Superbowl sunday ... heaven was celebrating, but it was not for the same reason that the world was! It was because N realized that the King of the Universe sent his Son to die for her and she wanted to live for HIM! "AMEN" right?!

So yeah ... that is only 1/100000000000 of all that God has done in the past 12 days! People are coming to know the Lord.  Those who are already living for the Lord are growing into a deeper more intimate relationship with Him! God is DOING WORK!

The coolest part for me is that God tells us that this would happen ...
 "look I tell you, lift up your eyes and see that the fields are white for harvest. Already the one who reaps is receiving wages and gathering fruit for eternal life, so that sower and reaper may rejoice together. For here the saying holds true, 'One sows and another reaps'. I sent you to reap that for which you did not labor. Others have labored, and you have entered into their labor." John 4: 35-38

This is so encouraging to me on many different levels! I an encouraged to realize that I am COMPLETELY FREE to plant seeds in the hearts of those around me without worrying about harvesting them ! I have freedom to be faithful in sharing the gospel! Likewise... I am free to receive the blessing of the harvest that I have labored to plant!

So I guess to close off this little shindig I will say this... If you are sowing right now... CONTINUE to do so knowing that your labor is not in vain! If you are reaping the harvest... REAP ON and share the stories of your harvest with anyone who will listen... so that you may not rob them of the JOY of knowing all that the Lord is doing!

p.s. I will explain the title of this post on my next one!


So with this being February everything is turning to hearts and flowers. Every store is taking advantage of the many ways to market products to sell on this "holiday". And dont get me wrong... I am a woman...  I love the thought of a sweet man buying me flowers and planning some sort of fun date (which for me would be more like a hike or some other adventure rather than a stuffy dinner ... **NOTE: Just incase "Mr. Right" is reading this whoever he may be**) but, it has really got me thinking about love what it is and how it is portrayed!

On top of all of that ... last night FCA here at my school did something a little different "loving campus night". I enjoyed it. Two solid guys spoke about what it means to act out God's call to love that he gives us in 1 John 4:7-8. It was always so wonderful to hear about ways that God is moving and convicting and working in other believers. Then we went and prayed in small groups for the campus and all that God is doing. Corporate prayer (prayer in general -- which is another post all together) never ceases to amaze me.
"Talking to men for God is a great thing, but talking to God for men is greater still."- E.M. Bounds
Finally, we went and worshiped together and it was free and BEAUTIFUL.

It is humbling to think that I am loved by the King of the Universe, and in the same way it is humbling to think that He wants to use me to Love the world. He wants to take a sinful little girl, who is saved and redeemed daily by GRACE of Jesus' death on the cross, and use her to portray HIS 

He wants to do the same with you too. So lets be inspired by this month that the world devotes to love and let God one up the world through us. He wins ... He always does.  So lets be a part of it !

"Music is what feelings sound like."

Recently I found this quote that I really like..."Music is what feelings sound like". Now,  I am not quite sure who wrote this, and honestly, I am not even sure where or when I stumbled across it. What I do know is that  it very clearly portrays the way that I feel about music.

Ever since I was a little girl I have enjoyed singing and listening to music. My first concert--- was D.C. Talk and I can remember riding in the back of Miss Mary's (that is what we call my Mom's Best friend) car all the way home from the concert jamming out to the new CD's ( maybe tapes ) that we just purchased after the concert.

In middle school I can remember making up dances and jumping on the trampoline for hours, with my friend Megan, singing along to whatever our favorite song of the day was.

Then there is high school, were me and my best friend Kels would drive around for hours on end listening to her ipod. Sometimes we would pick songs apart and apply them to our lives, other times we would just drive and listen--- allowing the music to sink into our hearts and almost become a part of us--- sometimes taking us to a different place in time or evoking a feeling that we didn't know existed. This "going on a drive" has continued to be a habit in my life... a way of clearing my head.

Sometimes music is Worship to GOD !Oh how sweet and indescribable this type of music is.

There is just something about music that is moving. Often times I think that a song can more effectively portray the way I am feeling than words. Because of this I have ben inspired to take songs that are currently evoking or portraying emotion for me and adding them to the little playlist at the bottom of this here blog. Feel free to check them out and see if they move you too.

I will change the playlist every month and add new songs throughout the month. My hope is that you will find some music (maybe new to you or maybe an old song heard with new ears) that inspires you to WORSHIP, feel, dance, love, or whatever.

The simple things.

sigh... sometimes the best things in life are the simple ones.. here are some simple things that have been bringing me joy lately!

My roommate's personal heater!
There is not much better than curling up on the couch to a good movie with this trusty thing by my feet.
I have full intentions of buying my own... but until then using hers will suffice.

This is something that I have always enjoyed... ever since I was a little girl ( my mom says), and to this day it is one of my favorite simple things. There is nothing like sitting down and writing all of my thoughts, hopes, dreams, frustrations, and praises in a book where it doesn't matter if I know how to spell of the big words that I like to use to portray my feelings... cause the only one who will see it is me and the King of my soul. much freedom in that! If you dont already journal... I encourage you to try it!

Some people like candles because they are relaxing or for the soft light that they produce; however, if you know me you know that I enjoy them for the sweet aroma that they give off! 
There is nothing more sweet and simple than a good smelling candle to make a little college apartment feel like a home.


And while I love all coffee and usually do not discriminate against any type ... recently I have been enjoying a mixture of Dunkin' Donuts Original and Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla. Yum.


I am currently training for a half marathon and have really enjoyed my long runs lately. I have been leaving the ipod and the watch at home and just running... 
Now the scenery in this pic is not really what I am working with on my long runs, and my legs most likely dont look anything like this chick's... nevertheless running...   simply...    amazing.


God's face will be seen, His love will be shown and His plans will be set into action. The question is... will we be apart of it?
This is something that the Lord has been showing me lately and it is sooo cool to me. God is doing things in this world today! People are being saved, loved, shown grace, and the world is being redeemed just exactly how God intended it to be in the very beginning. He didn't and doesn't need any of us (his children) to carry out his plans; however, in his infinite GRACE He allows us to partake in ALL of it. The question that I have begun to pose to myself every morning is ..."Liz do you want to be apart of what God is doing today?"... and I having the freedom that the Lord gave me am able to decide. The way I choose answer this question (that really God asks me) directly effects my heart and walk with the Lord. 
See my point is ... whether I choose to take part in what God is doing in the world does not so much effect the world as it does effect me. I believe that sometimes in my vanity I think that my choice to submit or not submit to the Lord will effect others lives and what God is doing in them. But the truth is God's WILL is going to be done and by choosing to not be in the middle of it ... I am the only one missing out! 
Lets all answer YES to God today!

It's not LOVE any other way !!

Click Here to watch a video that I found on Christmas Eve that rocked my world! It is pure TRUTH! Here is the full song ! Check them both out ... it will be worth it !