Wedding Season

The bride!!! Kris

Well wedding season is officially here!!!  These are pictures (Both Pictures taken by Lindz ... to check her out go here)  from the wedding that I went to this weekend! This was my third wedding this spring! My brother T was married on March 20, and my brother from another mother, we will call him T2, was married March 27. Now stay with me for a second... because both the bride, Kris, (Pictured above) and the girl in the blue dress, Kels,( Pictured below)  are T2's sisters ... yes that is right T2 got married, now Kris got married and in only a few short months Kels will be married also !!!! Three weddings in one family in one year! God bless "Little Wendy Wonder" ( to figure out how she got that nickname go here )  and  M for being such wonderful parents! Anyways the wedding was beautiful and I was able to sing in it ... which was such a blessing !

My Kels

After the wedding it was back to the grind. Although, last night, I was able to hangout and catch up with some friends over some yummy Mexican food and fro yo!!! I love my friends and I am so blessed to have people in my life that show me the unconditional love of Jesus. It doesn't matter who doesn't call who or how long we go without talking we are always able to pick right back up where we left off ... and that is hard to come by. I always leave those friends feeling encouraged and excited for what God is doing and when he is going to do in my life ! So thank you friends ... you know who you are ... and you are a blessing !

Well that is about it for now ... I will leave you with a song that I love and i hope you will too !

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