This is the way I live !

So I am not sure if any of you are like this, but about every 6 months or so I get feeling like I need to change something. I get bored with the way that I am ... and I want  to do something new! This little instinct inside of me has resulted in me chopping my hair off really short, getting a tattoo, getting tons of layers, dying my hair ( with the stuff that says it washes out in like 30 washes but it never really does) and many other little random things. About a week ago I got the Itch again. This little itch was scratched yesterday by a nose piercing !!!! Yep folks ... my nose is pierced!

I arrived at the decision to pierce my nose after much thought. I didn't want to chop off my hair again because it is just now getting long! I didn't want to dye my hair because I am sure that one day I will NEED to dye my hair and I think I am going to keep it healthy until then. I couldn't get another tattoo because Mom would have cried and nobody wants to make there mommy cry. So... piercing my nose seemed like the best decision.It isn't permanent yet it is a nice little change.

After I decided I then had to call my Mimi and Bigdaddy ( my wonderful grandparents) and Mom to make sure that they would still claim me if I had a "hole in my face" (Mimi) . After much conversation, and many statements that were along the lines of : "Do you want people to think that you are Hindu"  "Who is gonna like you better with a hole in your face" and " Why do you need to do this? Can't you just paint your nails a crazy color." My wonderful Family all  told me that they loved me and that "a hole in my face" was not going to change my heart ! : )  They are great !

So a couple of hours later Lindsey (who was my moral support) went to the place ... and It is DONE !!! I know you are curious what it looks like so I will try to post some pictures soon ! For now ... If you are feeling an itch to do something different ---- scratch away my friend !!

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  1. i want to get my nose pierced but im TERRIFIED!! did it hurt?!