"Music is what feelings sound like."

Recently I found this quote that I really like..."Music is what feelings sound like". Now,  I am not quite sure who wrote this, and honestly, I am not even sure where or when I stumbled across it. What I do know is that  it very clearly portrays the way that I feel about music.

Ever since I was a little girl I have enjoyed singing and listening to music. My first concert--- was D.C. Talk and I can remember riding in the back of Miss Mary's (that is what we call my Mom's Best friend) car all the way home from the concert jamming out to the new CD's ( maybe tapes ) that we just purchased after the concert.

In middle school I can remember making up dances and jumping on the trampoline for hours, with my friend Megan, singing along to whatever our favorite song of the day was.

Then there is high school, were me and my best friend Kels would drive around for hours on end listening to her ipod. Sometimes we would pick songs apart and apply them to our lives, other times we would just drive and listen--- allowing the music to sink into our hearts and almost become a part of us--- sometimes taking us to a different place in time or evoking a feeling that we didn't know existed. This "going on a drive" has continued to be a habit in my life... a way of clearing my head.

Sometimes music is Worship to GOD !Oh how sweet and indescribable this type of music is.

There is just something about music that is moving. Often times I think that a song can more effectively portray the way I am feeling than words. Because of this I have ben inspired to take songs that are currently evoking or portraying emotion for me and adding them to the little playlist at the bottom of this here blog. Feel free to check them out and see if they move you too.

I will change the playlist every month and add new songs throughout the month. My hope is that you will find some music (maybe new to you or maybe an old song heard with new ears) that inspires you to WORSHIP, feel, dance, love, or whatever.

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  1. I miss you. A lot. Actually, more than a lot. And, agree with all of the above. ;)