God's face will be seen, His love will be shown and His plans will be set into action. The question is... will we be apart of it?
This is something that the Lord has been showing me lately and it is sooo cool to me. God is doing things in this world today! People are being saved, loved, shown grace, and the world is being redeemed just exactly how God intended it to be in the very beginning. He didn't and doesn't need any of us (his children) to carry out his plans; however, in his infinite GRACE He allows us to partake in ALL of it. The question that I have begun to pose to myself every morning is ..."Liz do you want to be apart of what God is doing today?"... and I having the freedom that the Lord gave me am able to decide. The way I choose answer this question (that really God asks me) directly effects my heart and walk with the Lord. 
See my point is ... whether I choose to take part in what God is doing in the world does not so much effect the world as it does effect me. I believe that sometimes in my vanity I think that my choice to submit or not submit to the Lord will effect others lives and what God is doing in them. But the truth is God's WILL is going to be done and by choosing to not be in the middle of it ... I am the only one missing out! 
Lets all answer YES to God today!

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